Save Hoyes Run

Hoyes Run stills needs your ugent help.

Here's how you can help. From November 6 to November 12, 2017, give what you can through the "Embrace a Stream" campaign. By giving during the campaign, you can help the Youghiogheny Chapter of Trout Unlimited raise extra money to protect and restore Hoyes Run.

Through TU'sand Orvis' “Give Where You Fish” and "Embrace a Stream" campaign, you can help protect this precious Maryland resource and raise up to $50,000 for livestock exclusion fencing, constructing a hardened livestock crossing, and providing two water troughs as an alternative water source for livestock. Implementing these improvements will exclude livestock from roughly 1,285 feet of stream and 125 feet of a critical spring-fed brook trout spawning channel.


Continue to help protect Maryland's streams.

Residents, tourists and sportsmen understand the value of water.
​Preserve what's here for tomorrow..

Save Hoyes Run